What Are The Dangers of a Cat Burglar?


Cat Burglar crime was rampant in US in quite a number of times, 2011 for instance. For example, cases of car burglar entering different homes in Davis, California were reported to the police departments. However, there are still more cases in different parts of the country and especially in colleges and homes.

Cat burglars are experienced in walking and crawling into the house without anyone taking their notice. Preferably, they consider night hours when everyone is asleep and probably unable to hear little noises of sneaks.

The Dangers of a Cat Burglar

What Are The Dangers of a Cat BurglarA cat burglar has quite a couple of dangers. He/she will enter into your house and conduct his/her crime with the least intention being to let you know of their presence. Thus, they will be quick and sneaky in their operations. The following are some of the dangers associated with a cat burglar:

1. They Leave Room for another Burglar

The first step that a cat burglar will take is to carefully open the door, window, or any other entering space without letting you know. Eventually, they will enter the house and conduct their operations with little or no noise.

Immediately a cat burglar is done, they will target to leave the house without being noticed. Mostly, cat burglars do not remember to close the door, window, or space through which they entered. Thus, they usually leave a room for another burglar to access your house.

2. They may Let in Dangerous Animals into Your House

A cat burglar hardly remembers to close the space through they entered the house. Therefore, such a house will be left open for a wild animal to access the house. In turn, this can endanger your life especially during night when the car burglars normally perform their operations.

3. They Cause Damage to the House

What Are The Dangers of a Cat BurglarNormally, cat burglars are sneaky and very fast in their operations. Thus, they take the least possible time to conduct their operations. In case they are noticed and confronted, they take the nearest route to evade your house.

Preferably, they go for the window panes, cardboard walls, and glass wallsamong other easy-to-break parts of your house. If this happens at night, it will leave you desperately conducting repairs in order to prevent another burglar’s or animal’s entry into your house.

4. They are Dangerous to Your Health

A cat burglar enters your house making little or no noise. Thus, you will remain asleep or working without any notice. On a sudden realization, the incidence may result into a shock or even a heart attack especially for the seniors.

Normally, cat burglars come in clothes such as under-wears, socks, and masks in order to enhance them to sneak without making any noise. They also do this to prevent being caught or trapped by their clothes. Such an image may translate into a shock especially among children or among the seniors.


Normally, cat burglars like performing their operations at night. They enter into your house to check if you are sleeping. Eventually, they proceed to pick items such as wallets, cell phone, small devices, clothes, and jewels among other items which are precious and easy to carry. The best way to deal with cat burglar is to ensure that you lock all your door and windows as well as ensuring that there is no space left open for sneaking entry. This will keep you safe from the dangers caused by cat burglars.

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